Antenna circuit EMP protection

LP lightning protectors are maintenance free enabling continuous communication without need for service or replacement. This makes the difference compared to fuse like operating lightning protectors.

Female to male connector interface enables easy insertion also to already existing installations.

LP has a M8 cable lug for low impedance grounding.

Center and outer conductor are DC shorted and on the same ground potential.

Quarter wave construction makes LP to behave as a band pass filter reducing noise level and cancelling even harmonic frequencies.



  • Protection against LEMP, NEMP and NNEMP
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy insertion
  • Low impedance grounding
  • Continuous communication
  • No fuse-like components
  • No non-linear (semiconductor) components
  • Immediate response
  • No voltage increase
  • Low residual pulse
  • Intermodulation safe
  • DC short and direct ground
  • Band pass filter
  • Reduces noise level
  • Cancels even harmonic frequencies