Antenna circuit EMP protection

LP lightning protectors are maintenance free enabling continuous communication without need for service or replacement. This makes the difference compared to fuse like operating lightning protectors. Female to male connector interface enables easy insertion also to already existing installations. LP has a M8 cable lug for low impedance grounding. Center and outer conductor are DC shorted and on the same ground potential. Quarter wave construction makes LP to behave as a band pass filter reducing noise level and cancelling even harmonic frequencies.     Protection against LEMP, NEMP and NNEMP Maintenance free Easy insertion Low impedance grounding Continuous communication No fuse-like components No non-linear (semiconductor) components Immediate response No voltage increase Low residual pulse Intermodulation safe DC short and direct ground Band pass filter Reduces noise level Cancels even harmonic frequencies

Dielectric strength

Excellent dielectric strength of ComAnt antennas improves safety in installations.

New CompleTech Partners

We are proud to add new countries Albania, Cyprus, Egypt, Kosovo and New Zealand on the CompleTech Partners Map

ComAnt antennas by CompleTech, Finland

Own products and own production as well as European raw material and component suppliers have proven to be a functional and safe platform in times of crisis. We have been able to maintain normal availability and extremely short lead times throughout these challenging times.

Antenna products for LTE450

Full range of antenna circuit products for LTE450: Cross-polarized yagis, Lightning protectors, Power splitters and more.

Antenna circuit EMP protection for critical communications

Antenna circuit Electromagnetic Pulse EMP protection for critical communications against Lightning Electromagnetic Pulse LEMP, Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse NEMP and Non-Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse NNEMP with LP Lightning Protector.

Intelligent product coding

We apply intelligent and informative product coding, where every digit has a straightforward meaning. The coding principle is explained in detail in our Product Code Interpreter.

RF Cable selection tool

A new scalable interactive RF Cable selection tool has been released. It is linked to relevant products within the Cables and connectors product group.  

Flexible logistics

We maintain a buffer stock of all our standard products equal to normal two-week average demand. The buffer size for each product is continuously iterated and the corresponding buffer content updated at least once a week. This principle enables us to confirm all incoming normal orders immediately and dispatch them within a couple of working days – typically on the same day. The principle also enables us to flexibly allocate production capacity for bigger orders exceeding the buffer size when required. As a result, we can be proud of our extremely short delivery times and excellent reliability of deliveries.

Renewed calculators

Renewed calculators for Antenna Isolation and Link Budget are downloadable as interactive pdf files from        

New Pricelist 2021 has been released

New Pricelist 2021 is valid from 1.1.2021. No changes in prices but some new products added. Prices are visible and pricelists downloadable for partners.