About us


CompleTech is a Finnish-owned company group specialized in the design, manufacturing and marketing of high quality ComAnt® communications antennas for professionals since 1990.


CompleTech applies an innovative approach to antenna technology, reflected in a modular and flexible construction philosophy. This results in a unique design of reliable ComAnt® antennas and applications.


Radome enclosed IP67 proof ComAnt® antennas are in serial production covering all the main VHF-, UHF- and SHF-bands with different radiation patterns, polarizations and gains. The modularity principle makes it easy to turn from application to application using the very same ComAnt® components to adapt changing needs. ComAnt® accessories cover different coaxial cables, connectors and adaptors, ready made feed lines and jumper cables, lightning protectors, grounding accessories, mechanical beam tilting and mounting.


We provide all required value-added services from on-line technical support to radiation pattern tailoring and network design. We also design customized products.


We maintain a buffer stock equal to two-week average demand of our standard products. This practise enables our flexible logistics and extremely fast deliveries.


Our clients are partners, system integrators and end-users. The end-users range from the public sector and the military to various professional users in different telecommunications application environments.


ComAnt® antennas are represented by our agreed partners all over the world in more than 60 countries today.


ComAnt® antennas are manufactured using environmentally accepted materials. Radome covers and filling materials are selected for the minimum environmental loading. ComAnt® antennas comply with WEEE and RoHS directives.

Quality system

The quality system has been developed according to ISO 9001. The high quality of ComAnt® antennas is controlled by 100% final testing.

General conditions

Our general conditions are according to ORGALIME S 2012.